We love Jesus. We love the Bible. We love Old Testament stories, because Jesus loves them. Jesus claims he's in them somewhere. But where? And how? And when is he in there? Is he Solomon? Even when he's with his 700 wives? Are we Solomon, even when he's on a throne? We love Jesus, the Old Testament stories and our people, but how do we teach the stories, about Jesus, to our people?'

Our VCYC 2018 speaker Ed Surrey is a passionate and experienced trainer.  How to faithfully teach Jesus from the Old Testament can be a daunting task for many leaders whether in preaching, small groups, and even personal bible reading. Ed will be giving us practical and repeatable steps we can take to teach to Jesus from all of Scripture. 

When: Wednesday May 16th - 7:30-9:30pm 

Where: Surrey Hills Presbyterian Church (650 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills)

Tickets: $15 each or $60 for a team of 5 or more.

A Youth Leaders Training Event

Dwell is an initiative from VCYC to further our vision to enhance your local youth ministry.  Dwell is an event for you, your team and anyone interested in youth ministry to be encouraged and practically equipped. The day will be focussed on how the Bible can shape ministry practice and be taught clearly and effectively to youth.  

Dwell includes interactive seminars to help you integrate the Bible into different aspects of your youth ministry, as well as time to network with other youth groups from across the state, pray together, and ask questions of a panel.