Dwell 2017:
A Youth Leaders Training Event

Dwell is a new initiative from VCYC to further our vision to enhance your local youth ministry.  Dwell is an event for you, your team and anyone interested in youth ministry to be encouraged and practically equipped. The day will be focussed on how the Bible can shape ministry practice and be taught clearly and effectively to youth.  

Our keynote speaker is Graham Stanton, lecture in youth ministry and practical theology at Ridley College.  Graham has a long history in youth ministry including over 10 years at Youthworks College in Sydney.  Graham will also be leading a seminar at Dwell 2017.  

There will be interactive seminars to help you integrate the Bible into different aspects of your youth ministry.  You will also have opportunities to network with other youth groups from across the state, pray together, and ask questions of a panel.

When?     10am-3:30pm  Saturday 19th August (including lunch)
Where?       Ridley College (170 The Avenue, Parkville)
How?           Click here to book!

This event is in partnership with the Centre For Biblical Peaching & Ridley College.

Dwell 2017 Seminars

Studying the Bible for Effective Teaching
Dave Chiswell

 'Read.  Re-read.  Write some notes.  Feel like you’re nowhere.
Go to to see if there’s any good answers. 
Promise yourself you’ll be better prepared next time.   Repeat.  

As bible teachers, we’ve all been there. Whether you’re writing a bible study, giving a talk, or reading a passage with someone in a cafe, it's all too easy to feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, and relying on a lightning bolt of inspiration more than the God-inspired scriptures. This elective will look at a couple of strategies to help you work out where to start, where to finish, and what to look out for along the way when you’re studying a bible passage.' 

How to write/package Bible studies your youth will love
Chris Swann

 This workshop will help you package Bible studies that present the truth of Jesus to your youth in ways they’ll love -- finding engaging and enjoyable as well as transformative. We will explore how to make sure your studies (a) take your youth to the ‘gospel heart’ of the passage, (b) address the concrete circumstance of their actual lives, and (c) don’t get stuck in a rut. We’ll also have the opportunity to give it a test drive. 

Entering Their World: Connecting With the Youth You Lead
Graham Stanton

 The Mission Australia Youth Survey for 2016 revealed the top three issues of concern for young people in Victoria were coping with stress, school or study problems, and body image. How can we best serve young people in today’s world? This seminar will give an overview of the biological, psychological, and cultural challenges that go along with being a teenager. We’ll discuss what teenagers need to successfully navigate adolescence, and what teenagers need to be able to find faith in Christ. By better understanding the teenage experience leaders will be better able to listen to, love and share Jesus with young people.

Our Stories are His Stories: Helping Youth Share Their Faith
Beck Miller

We all know that youth sometimes struggle to share their faith with their friends. Who doesn't! But when we encourage them to do it, are we asking them to share a set of 'correct' (and unpopular!) ideas with others? What if we took a different approach -- one that prioritised sharing stories and introducing people to Jesus personally? In this workshop, we will talk about how to help youth see their stories as part of God’s bigger story. We will explore what difference it could make for them to remember that Jesus is a person we have a dynamic relationship with, and that our churches and youth groups are communities transformed by his grace. We will consider concrete strategies to equip them to examine their lives and notice the ways God has been with them and at work in them. And we will focus on how to get excited together with your youth about introducing Jesus to others and letting people see how he is changing their lives.

What happened last year?

Dwell 2016 Seminars:

Passing on the Word: developing an evangelistic culture in your group
Chris Swann

In this seminar, you will explore the Bible's promise that the word of the gospel is able to evangelise and disciple people. You will consider how this promise can help you develop a culture of evangelism in your youth ministry. And you will plan some achievable steps towards implementing it in your context. 

Giving A Youth Talk
Mike Raiter 

People like to listen to talks. Youth like to listen to talks. Youth even like to listen to talks from the Bible.  But these talks are not boring or fail to be relevant to their lives. This seminar will be full of practical advice on how to present and deliver a youth talk. We’ll look at how to give a bible talk to youth that is faithful to God’s Word, points them to Jesus, and keep them listening.  

Imagine That! Teaching the Bible with non-Christian youth
Graham Stanton

Alongside the need for jargon-free vocabulary and up-to-date pop-culture references, this seminar will work on connecting with adolescent identity formation by adding some imagination to how we preach the gospel with young people.

Word In Song
Andy May

Music Ministry that God is pleased with is based on truth that matches reality.   This seminar will help you to develop a music ministry that engages youth with God's truth in a passionate, authentic way rather than one based on performance.  

Flipping Your Youth Ministry: When Friday Nights Don't Work
Adam & Heather Cetrangolo

School. Family. Sport. Church. Friends. Maybe even part time work. Youth lead jam-packed lives. And this can make it extra-challenging to teach and disciple them with a traditional Friday night term time program. At St Cath's Caulfield South, Adam and Heather Cetrangolo have developed a unique Youth Ministry School to make school holidays the centre of gravity for youth ministry. Come along and think creatively about how you can teach the Bible to youth.