Q: What sort of accommodation can we expect?

A: The BHC Site has a variety of facilities in both their Master’s Manor and Diamond Valley Camps. If those rooms become full we are also able to provide mattresses in one of the four comfortably carpeted dining rooms.

You’ll find some more information and pictures at:



Q: Why am I sleeping separately to my Youth?

A: Due to available beds, we often are required to combine Youth Groups (of same gender) in one space. Different Denominations have different policies about Adults/Youth sleeping in the same place, so we abide by the rules of the majority. If you would like to organise a different arrangement, we recommend using the ‘BYO Tent’ option.


Q: Will my Youth be okay sharing accommodation with other Youth?

A: The feedback from most Youth Groups has been very positive. The Youth enjoy getting to know people from different churches and being able to share the experience together.


Q: Can we choose to do a combination of ‘Accommodation’ and ‘BYO Tent’ registrations?

A: Absolutely!


Q: What sort of responsibility does the VCYC team have for my Youth?

A: Very little. Over the course of the weekend the responsibility of health (medical information), hygiene, participation in the program, bedtimes, etc lies with their Leader/s. Our aim is to provide a Convention program that is filled with different ways for Youth to engage with the Gospel and each other, and we don’t believe we can care for your youth better than you can whilst doing that.


Q: My Youth Group aren’t coming/I don’t have a Youth Group – can I still come?

A: Due to the busy-ness of running the Convention, the VCYC team do require all Youth participants to attend with a Youth Group or Parent. This is important because having your own Youth Leader or Adult to look out for you will be crucial to your enjoyment & safety over the weekend. If you would like for us to put you in touch with a Youth Group in your local area, please email us at info@vcyc.org.au


Q: Are you able to cater to my dietary needs?

A: Unfortunately we are only able to cater for Vegetarian, Gluten free, Dairy/Lactose free & Nut free special diets. We recommend Self Catering for all other dietary needs.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns further at info@vcyc.org.au


Q: I’m too old for VCYC now (18+ & graduated high school) – can I be involved still?

A: Absolutely! It takes a massive team of Volunteers to make VCYC happen. A lot of the work goes on behind the scenes, but it is very rewarding and mostly fun!


Q: What do Volunteers actually do?

A: Volunteering at VCYC happens in one of our core teams:

- Music/Band – help to lead our time of faithful corporate worship.

- Prayer team – a dedicated group who pray for and with Youth over the weekend.

- Hospitality – Catering & Food preparation, or serving in our Cafe.

- Ninjas – are our amazing team who make everything happen including:

Convention set up, Setting up Workshop rooms, Helping prepare & Serve meals, Clean up, Registration support, Saturday arvo games, Photography, and much much more! It’s not all glamorous work, and unfortunately we can’t promise that you’ll hear all of the sessions, but the work is worth it when it’s for God’s glory!


Q: Sounds great! What do I have to do to Volunteer?

A: Please email us, tell us a little about yourself and how you might like to be involved, to info@vcyc.org.au


Q: How can our Organisation/Church/Ministry be involved?

A: There are many ways to partner with us! From financial partnership, support with resources or activities, and promotional opportunities, there are many ways to contribute to the work of VCYC.

Please email us at info@vcyc.org.au for our ‘Partners Information’ document.