VCYC is much more than a conference. We want to see youth (and youth leaders) from across Victoria equipped to know God from the Bible and to live for him -- trusting, loving and serving Jesus, his church and his world in the Spirit's power. That's why, over the course of the weekend, each youth (and leaders) at VCYC take part in two workshops that are biblical, theological, practical, and age-appropriate.

VCYC 2019 Workshops: 

Sharing Jesus with my friends
Power to change

What would it look like if everyone, everywhere, knew someone who truly followed Jesus? We help build movements of people who live like Jesus and transform their communities. If this fires you up, come and see us!

Fitting in and Standing out at school

 What if school wasn’t “just school”? For a lot us, school is something we feel like we have to do because… well we just have to do it. But it doesn’t have to be. Come along and find out how it would be different if school was a place where your faith in Jesus shaped you and others.

Praying Jesus’ way
Beck Miller

How should I pray? Come and find out how Jesus prayed and how he invites you pray — and give it as test drive!

“Bible reading sucks!” and other things you shouldn’t think about the Bible
Tom French

You know you should read the Bible, but it's really hard. Come find out why the Bible is awesome and get some tips on how to engage that awesomeness daily!

Crossing cultures with Jesus’ love

Jesus crossed the universe to make his home with us and make a way for us to be home with God. But it can be hard to leave our comfort zone to share this great news — especially when that means crossing cultures. Come explore the resources the Bible gives us to do this for the sake of people who are different from us.

Pride and Humility (Girls Only)
Amy Brown

Time and again in the Bible, we see the proud fall and the humble raised up. But what does this have to do with us? I mean, maybe I say a humble brag every now and then, but it’s not like I go around parading how great I am, right? Come explore what pride actually is. And find out how Jesus’ humility can free us from it.

Being a man who follows Jesus (Guys Only)
Jimmy Young

 "Be a man!" Heard these words before? What does that actually mean? In the past, it meant lifting heavy things, changing tyres and rescuing damsels in distress from King Kong, but what about now? What kind of man does God want me to be? What does it even mean to be ‘manly' in a world of 'toxic masculinity'? Come explore what the Bible says about our purpose, identity and value as men of God and what that means for us today.

Is Jesus Worth Trusting?
Dave Miers

Have you come to VCYC but still checking Jesus out and got lots of doubts and questions? Great! This is the workshop for you. Our convention speaker will answer your questions and help you see why Jesus is worth trusting.

Does science have to be the enemy of my faith?
Chris Swann

Can you have science and the Bible? Can Christians be scientists? What about evolution? Come and explore these questions and more with help from a guy with degrees in science and theology. Prepare to be surprised!