VCYC is much more than a conference. We want to see youth (and youth leaders) from across Victoria equipped to know God from the Bible and to live for him -- trusting, loving and serving Jesus, his church and his world in the Spirit's power. That's why, over the course of the weekend, each youth (and leaders) at VCYC take part in two workshops that are biblical, theological, practical, and age-appropriate.

VCYC 2017 Workshops: 

Jesus can change your conversations - Julie Anne Laird

Talking about Jesus with your school friends? Is it possible? What are some helpful ways to have conversations about your faith without it being awkward or clunky. How can it be a natural response to whatever conversation you are having? Find out in this workshop!

 Jesus can change what you love – Jimmy Young

Most of us live inside our heads. We grab as much information as possible, hoping to bring it out at the right time (like a test!). But at our core, we are guided by what we love most deeply. What do you love? Whatever it is, it shapes who you are more than what you know. So following Jesus must be about aligning what we love with what he loves. If you’re tired of knowing much about God without knowing God himself, this workshop will help! 

Jesus can change your decision (VCE only) – Chris Berry

What's next....? Life after school can be an exciting time of freedom, opportunity, work, study and travel.  But it can also bring change and challenges. In this workshop we will explore what God says about what you should do next! We will discuss what life will look like if you choose to study, work or travel/embark on a gap year. Expect to walk away with lots of practical tips that will help when you leave High School.

Jesus can change your school – Brenton Killeen

 More information coming soon!

TEAR Life Auction – A TEAR Simulation Game

In this fast paced and interactive game, all of life’s necessities are up for grabs. As you compete for essential items such as food and housing, you will experience first-hand the impact of inequality on the ability to survive or thrive.

Jesus can change your response to ISIS – James Algeo

Syria, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Somalia. How did God transform the church through Bible smuggling, extremists and prison revivals? Open Doors serve the persecuted church in some of the most confrontational countries on the planet.

What’s the big deal with Jesus?  - Adam Ch’ng

Life is full of expectations. The expectations of our parents, friends, schools and society. We’re expected to be smart, popular, funny, fit, and successful. Sometimes, we’re even expected to be someone we’re not. It’s exhausting! What if we didn't have to be a prisoner to everyone else’s expectations and demands? That is exactly what Jesus promises us – the rest our hearts desperately desire. In this workshop you will meet this Jesus and discover what difference he makes. 

Jesus can change your doubts – Andrew Wort 

“If God really loves me then why…?” “If God is good then how can he…?”   Whether you are trusting in Jesus or not, you probably have lots of ways you could finish either of those questions. But the good news is that Jesus can deal your doubts, your fears and your questions. Rather than answering every question, this workshop will teach you how you can begin answering any of these questions for yourself and others. And of course we will have time for questions too! 

Jesus can change your body image (Girls only) – Alexi Chiswell

We almost can't help but compulsively compare ourselves to others. Why do we do it? What are we hoping for? Is there a way out? Come along to this workshop to discover how the story of Jesus frees us from our compulsion to compare.


Is Jesus really history? John Dickson

Come and explore how we know that what the New Testament says about Jesus is reliable and trustworthy history. Great to know yourself. Great to share with the youth you lead!

Entering Their World: Connecting with the youth you lead - Graham Stanton

The Mission Australia Youth Survey for 2016 revealed the top three issues of concern for young people in Victoria were coping with stress, school or study problems, and body image. How can we best serve young people in today’s world? This seminar will give an overview of the biological, psychological, and cultural challenges that go along with being a teenager. We’ll discuss what teenagers need to successfully navigate adolescence, and what teenagers need to be able to find faith in Christ. By better understanding the teenage experience leaders will be better able to listen to, love and share Jesus with young people.