VCYC is much more than a conference. We want to see youth (and youth leaders) from across Victoria equipped to know God from the Bible and to live for him -- trusting, loving and serving Jesus, his church and his world in the Spirit's power. That's why, over the course of the weekend, each youth (and leaders) at VCYC take part in two workshops that are biblical, theological, practical, and age-appropriate.

VCYC 2018 Workshops: 

Trusting the King of Kings at School

It’s not too hard to see how faith fits in church, or maybe even at home. But what about at school? Faith sometimes feels like it should take a back seat when we’re at school. It can seem hard to talk about or own up to among our friends or in front of teachers. But school can be a place where faith gets real. In this workshop we’ll explore why, where, what, and how faith fits at school!

Trusting the King of Kings Beyond School

VCE is a huge deal. It can feel like school takes over your life. Will you get through? What, if anything, will there be on the other side? Work, partying, uni … not sure? This workshop will give you the chance to consider where God might fit in, how he offers life beyond VCE — and how he has a life-transforming agenda for your future.

Is Jesus the King of Poverty?

Roll up your sleeves and get into this group simulation game. You will confront the ugly realities of poverty around the world, be challenged about your part in it, and have your eyes and hearts lifted to Jesus — who though he was rich became poor for our sake!

Is Jesus the King of Kings?

We’re hearing a lot this weekend about how Jesus is the King of Kings. But is he? And what difference does it make if he is? Bring your questions, doubts and issues with Jesus to this workshop and prepare to be surprised — Jesus is a better and more trustworthy King than you’ve ever imagined!

Treasuring Christ in the midst of suffering.

Sickness, pain, messed up relationships, brokenness and all its consequences. How do you cling to and treasure Christ in the midst of all that life throws at you? Jimmy has had an up close and personal experience with some very tough things over the past few years. Come and hear his perspective, be encouraged from the Bible about how God loves us and can be our greatest treasure even when life is hard. 

Sharing your faith in the King of Kings.

Share about Jesus with my friends, at school, in my sport’s team, at the gym? Hmmm. I’m not even sure that’s a good idea — let alone something I feel like I could do. This workshop will bust a bunch of myths about sharing your faith, show you how God promises to help you with it in the Bible, and give you a simple way to break it down into manageable steps. 

Talking to the King of Kings

People say praying is just talking to God. So it should be easy right? But I can’t hear God talking back to me. Should I? What should I talk about anyway? What can I expect to happen as result of praying? If God knows everything already, then what’s the point? In this workshop we’ll answer some common questions about prayer and explore some new ideas about how to be with God in prayer and really enjoy it. 

Being a Christian Woman

In this workshop we’ll tackle the question of IDENTITY. Who are we really? And how do we figure out our place in this world? What difference does knowing God make?

We’ll talk about the pressures we’re under from school, our families and social media, to be and achieve in certain ways. And we’ll take a look at what the Bible says about WHO and HOW God made us, and hear about what he wants for our lives. 

Being a Christian man

Are you on the path to becoming the man God wants you to be? What sort of man does God want you to be? A workshop for guys on what it takes to be a godly guy, and why that is a good thing in today's world. We'll be looking at the Bible and thinking about practical ways we can become the men God wants us to be.

 How to be a rubbish youth leader (YOUTH LEADERS ONLY)

Want to be a terrible youth leader? Want to be of no help to the group, or other leaders? Want to be someone who keeps the youth worker awake at night? Come along and find out how to be a truly terrible leader. Feel free to be late, and Bibles will not be necessary.