Theme & Speaker

Meet Our Speaker: ED Surrey

Our speaker for VCYC 2018 is Ed Surrey!  Ed grew up in England and studied psychology at university.  He became a maths teacher in a 'posh' school before moving to Perth to work for a church. During his time in Perth he wrote some books about Jesus, had three kids and then moved back to St. Leonard's Church in Exeter.  Ed loves American Football, fly fishing, and being a trampoline for his kids. 

Ed is a gifted and passionate preacher with a background in youth ministry.  Ed will be preaching on the life of Solomon from the book of 1 Kings in the Old Testament.  As Ed unpacks the life of King Solomon, we are going see the true and greatest king, Jesus!  But as we look as Solomon's life and failures, we will also see our need for Jesus!  Jesus is not just a great king, he he is the king we need, truly the King of Kings! We can't wait to have unpack God's Word for us as he preaches Christ from the Old Testament.  Ed will also be running workshops for us both youth and youth leaders!