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Meet Our Speaker: DAVE MIERS

Dave is the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill: Brisbane – a new church seeking to know Jesus and make Jesus known in Brisbane.

Dave is married to Rowena, and they have three children: to SamTom & Beth. Dave loves Jesus and is passionate about using new mediums to communicate the timeless message of Christ crucified and risen. Dave is also a member of Acts 29 and an ordained Anglican Minister. In his downtime, Dave enjoys soccer, sushi, sunsets, and daydreaming about being a YouTube Vlogger.

Dave is a regular blogger about Jesuslifeculture & design. He also recently begun a daily devotional podcast called But First, Bible. You can check it all out at

Dave is a gifted and passionate preacher who will be will be speaking on

Jesus' farewell sermon from John 14-17! In this famous section, Jesus prepares his disciples for his departure and the coming of the Holy Spirit! We can't wait to have Dave unpack God's Word for us!