Music Ministry

Main sessions are the heart of the VCYC convention.  We gather four times over the weekend for praise and worship as we gather around God's Word.  VCYC is committed to making the Gospel clear and accessible for all youth who come.  We want to model how the bible shapes all that we do, especially our music. VCYC has an awesome band who lead us each year as we unite to praise our awesome Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.  VCYC is committed to music that is centered on biblical truth and assists in understanding, applying, and responding to God's Word. 

Meet the VCYC Music Ministry Coordinator Trish

Want to listen all the music we will sing at VCYC 2016: Status Update?  Simply search for "VCYC 2016" in Spotify to find the playlist.  Or you can search "spotify:user:vcyc" to listen to the playlist from previous years!