About Us

The VCYC Vision:

Who are we?

VCYC exists to equip young people with God’s Word to impact their world. 

We do this:

- Through Christ-centred expository bible teaching and passionate worship

- In partnership with youth ministries across Vic.

- By bringing together youth of high school age regardless of background, whether committed to Jesus or not, whatever stage of growth in their Christian life.

- All by the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God.


Core Values:

As a ministry of the Belgrave Heights Convention and fully committed to its vision, proprieties, ministry, beliefs, values, unity, work, and witness. Click on the link for the for the the BHC doctrinal position.  

VCYC is committed to:

- Modelling how the bible shapes youth ministry practice.

- Serving and enhancing local youth ministries.

- Providing opportunities for fellowship with youth from across Victoria.

- Displaying and encouraging prayerful dependence in everyday life.

- Authentic corporate worship through music.

- Teaching and challenging youth to live a life empowered by the Holy Spirit and grounded in the scriptures every day.

What we do: 

The ministry of VCYC consists of:

- The annual weekend convention at Belgrave Heights Convention Centre.

- Metropolitan and Regional One Night Events (ONEs). 

At these events you can expect:

- Bible teaching that is relevant and engaging for youth.

- Corporate worship through music

- Opportunities for fellowship with other youth groups.

- Prayer ministry.

- Youth Involvement (e.g. testimonies, readings, etc)

Additionally at the weekend convention includes:

- Workshops for youth and leaders.

- A dedicated prayer team and space.

- Recreational Activities.

- Youth leader networking.

- Allocated time and space for individual youth ministries.

- Opportunities and spaces for creative interaction and expression.

Meet Our Executive Team Chairman Andrew!