There are many and varied tasks needing attention from general maintenance to major project: Promotion is our biggest requirement, without people there is no convention! Then we need to serve those who attend the Conventions, serving and keeping people happy is very important.  As people are using the property it's only natural that we need to look after the land and the buildings, we can only do this with your help.  Last but least is the administration of all of the above, from conventions to other churches and schools to OHS, database entry and accounts.  If you have a skill in any of these areas and would like to offer your time we would much appreciate you contacting us.

Your prayer support is appreciated immensely. If you would like to receive our bimonthly praise & prayer notes please contact the office on office@bhc.org.au or call on 03 9752 6855

Perhaps you may consider joining our small (hopefully soon to be much larger) band of happy volunteers who regularly attend the centre to assist the property team in this ministry. You may have some spare time and or special skills you could share with us. We are in need of people who have an interest in gardening, and general site cleanliness, and other projects as they arise. Painting is an ongoing activity. Some areas need specialist attention but there are many just needing a steady hand. You know what they say, many hands make light work!! and great fellowship at the same time!!

We also have office administration if you are interested in indoors rather than outdoors. There are 4 mail outs per year that we would welcome your help, and also during conventions. 

If you enjoy serving people perhaps you would enjoy working in the cafe or kiosk during our conventions. There are many varying tasks during a Convention; Car Parking, Kiosk & Café Serving, Sandwich Making, Barista, BBQ Serving, Ushers, Crèche, First Aid, Registrations, Recordings & Technical tasks.

Speak with a member of the team soon about how you can participate at BHC. Come enjoy some fun, fellowship and meet with others who are sharing in the ministry. Give the office a call or email, or click here for the volunteer form. We would be delighted to chat.

Geoff Gawler (CEO) 03 9752 6855
Gill Williams (Office Manager) 03 9752 6855 or Email: office@bhc.org.au.

Working bees

Working Bees take place roughly every 4 weeks on a Saturday. We would like to provide lunch for you and would appreciate it, if you could let us know if you are coming by Thursday afternoon at the latest. If you feel you can contribute please do contact  the office. The yearly dates are as follows:

Thanks again for your assistance.

2017 Dates are:
11 November
  9 December

Are you on our database of volunteers?

Please email, post, or phone our office with your relevant contact details. We would like to keep in touch with you to encourage and inform you about our current and upcoming undertakings.

We are now a registered organisation with Centrelink for volunteers – please speak with the office manager who will be pleased to help you with this.