Throughout the year we have many building and landscaping projects on the go. These help to improve our facilities that are no longer acceptable up to date and/or renew them.

Below you will find a list of projects and what is involved in them. Please take time to look and see what we are doing, if you feel you can help in any way please contact the office for further information.

Painting - both inside and outside of buildings - this is a year long project to keep on top of the condition of the buildings and protect them from the weather, also to keep them looking sparkling when people visit the site

Sound Proofing the Recreation Hall - the Recreation Hall has many uses, it has been used as a serving area for groups that are too large to fit in our dining areas, it has been used for BHC Electives, for sports and recreational activities.  At the moment the sound echo's throughout the room which becomes a very noisy place.  We would like to place some strategic fabrics to reduce the sound bouncing off the walls.

Repair wooden decking.  There are many places throughout the grounds where decking needs some patchwork carried out.  The Prayer Room next to the Kiosk is our next area of concern, this needs to be address quite urgently.

Gardening; as the grounds is large and there are many responsibilities, we are in the need of a weekly gardener to look after area's of the grounds, keeping it looking inviting and attractive.  We also needs people with experience in gardening and planting small shrubs and landscaping. If you have a day or morning a week to give us a hand we would be more than welcome to hear from you.

Fire Warden; during the burn off season we require a fire warden to sit and watch the fire as it burns.  Our fire needs to have a person watching it constantly. Normally the days we can burn off are Tues, Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the burn off season. Please contact the office if you are interested in helping in this way.

Thank you for your patience as we update this information.