Seniors Convention

2019 Details to be confirmed...

Day Visitors are very welcome, registrations will open 1/2 hour prior to the first meeting. Unfortunately we cannot offer you any meals but you may bring a pack lunch and still eat with us in the Foyer.

Welcome! In 2017 we made a great start with our first senior's Convention. it was our privilege to hear God's word clearly taught, to take part in practical seminars and to meet together and share the challenges and opportunities of our stage in life.

We are keen to do even better for our second Senior's Convention in November 2018. Psalms has so much to say to us and David Cook will guide us through a number of them with his usual insightful clarity. There are a variety of seminars tailored for us. Come with a friend or make some new ones.

Why don't you join us for a weekend of Bible teaching from our guest speaker David Cook, a range of seminars, great food and fellowship.

Friday 16 November
6pm         Dinner
7.30pm    Navigating the troughs and peaks of life (Psalm 1 & 150)
9.00pm    Supper
Saturday 17 November
10.00am   The biggest blessing! (Psalm 32)
11.00am    Morning Tea
11.30am   Reflecting on the Big Posers of life (Psalm 73)
1.00pm      Lunch
2.30pm    Seminar Session 1
3.30pm    Afternoon Tea
4.00pm    Seminar Session 2
5.00pm    Free time
6.00pm    Dinner
7.30pm    Are you an angry old person? (Psalm 100)
9.00pm    Supper
Sunday 18 November
10.00am    Who is on the Lords side? (Psalm 100)
12.00pm    Lunch

1.    Wills & Power of Attorney - Tina Lau
2.    Approaching Aged Care - Fiona McLeod
3.   Engaging with today's secular society - Rob Martin
4.    Finding your calling for life's fourth quarter - Paul Arnott

General Information
We offer a range of registration and accommodation options and you can attend for the day. Accommodation options include the convention Lodge, on-site budget accommodation and camp sites for your caravan (or event tent). Please note that we will not be using top bunks. Meals are provided for those in accommodation and for others who book meals when they pre-register.

Pre-registration that includes accommodation and meals closes on Monday 12 November. You can register on the day.

Check in for accommodation is from 4pm on Friday.


 Full Convention Registration with Accommodation and Meals:  
 Deluxe (Lodge), linen and towel provided $160
 Budget, mattress provided, bring all other bedding $130
 Camp site per person $110
 Camp site (no meals) per person $70
 Convention Registration without Accommodation  
 Full Registration, lunches and dinners $85
 Full Registration, no meals $50
 Casual Registration - Friday only $10
 Casual Registration - Saturday only $40
 Casual Registration - Sunday only $10
 Casual Meals - per meal $10
 Must circle meal(s) required on booking.  


Fri 15 November 2019



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