Keswick Conventions

For some years Christian gatherings - inspired by the deeper life conventions that had begun in Keswick, England - had been held around Victoria: in a marquee at Eltham, at Black Rock, at Beaumaris and in homes at Vermont.

The 1918 convention at Upwey saw 57 people accommodated in houses booked for the occasion and around 100 attend the meetings. The convention included open air meetings held each evening at the railway station, early morning prayer meetings, a boys' camp and various house parties.

Here are a list of 'other' Keswick Conventions in the UK and Australia;
Keswick UK
Keswick at Portstewart, Ballymena, UK
Mt Tamborine, Australia
Keswick Perth, Australia
Queensland Tropics Keswick Convention, Australia
Keswick Convention, Tasmania
Katoomba Christian Convention, NSW, Australia
Wimmera Convention, Victoria, Australia
Katherine Christian Convention, Katherine, Australia
Keswick Christian Camp, New Zealand
The DEC, Warwick, Qld, Australia