Our Values

our values

Belgrave Heights Convention is committed to the deepening of the spiritual life in individuals and church communities through the careful exposition and application of Scripture, with an emphasis on the following themes:

lordship of christ

To encourage submission to the Lordship of Christ in all areas of personal and corporate living;

transformation by word and spirit

To encourage active obedience to God’s Word through a dependency upon the indwelling fullness of the Holy Spirit for life-transformation and effective living;

evangelism and mission

To provoke a strong commitment to evangelism and mission in Australia and worldwide;

whole-life discipleship

To stimulate the discipling and training of people of all ages in godliness, service and sacrificial living, equipping them to participate in the mission of God in every area of life;


To provide a practical demonstration of evangelical unity across denominations and across generations.

marriage and family

To model and teach Christian marriage as biblically defined as a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman, and to encourage people of all ages to express biblical values in sexuality and family life.