Our Priorities

our priorities

Hearing God's Word

The Scriptures are the foundation for the church’s life, growth and mission, and Belgrave Heights Convention is committed to preach and teach God’s Word in a way which is faithful to Scripture and relevant to Christians of all ages and backgrounds.

Becoming like God's Son

From its earliest days the Keswick movement (which influenced the early development of Belgrave Heights Convention) has encouraged Christians to live godly lives in the power of the Spirit, to grow in Christ-likeness and to live under His Lordship in every area of life. This is God’s will for His people in every culture and generation.

serving god's mission

The authentic response to God’s Word is obedience to His mission, and the inevitable result of Christ-likeness is sacrificial service. Belgrave Heights Convention seeks to encourage committed discipleship in family life, work and society, and energetic engagement in the cause of world mission.